Cultural equestrian tourism

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  • You have always dreamed of riding a horse?
  • You are tired of going round in circles in your arena?
  • You live in a big city and need a breath of fresh air in nature?
  • You would like to visit hidden cultural treasures from a new angle?

Come and discover equestrian cultural tourism and live a unique experience!

A new trend is developing nearby Paris. The west part of the Paris area, called Yvelines, benefit from a rich cultural heritage with the Versailles castle of course, but there are also a lot of other hidden treasures. The Yvelines region includes several hugh and beautiful forests. Horses are in the spotlight with the City of Horses, Maisons-Laffitte, only 20 minutes from the heart of Paris ; a true open air museum. Identity of the city and its inhabitants, the horse is a real heritage here with the authentic traditional stables, the race course, the only training center for racehorses in the Paris area, the castle of Maisons-Laffitte and its history – you will find all this a unique and friendly atmosphere. Did you know that French riding art is recognized and classified since 2011 by UNESCO as intangible heritage in the same way as French gastronomy?

Equestrian tourism meets the concept of “slow tourism”. It is about taking the time to discover a destination, to appreciate the landscapes, especially favoring nearby destinations and using less polluting means of transport. This type of tourism, more authentic, allows to come closer to the local population and learn more. The goal is to be in “total immersion” at the destination and to discover the place you are visiting as if you really live there, taking part of daily life, far away from herds of tourists.

Horse Holidays France offers, to riders of all levels, to discover Maisons-Laffitte’s park and the Saint-Germain forest, but also other places such as the Versailles castle park, on horseback, as a soft and alternative mean of transport. The horse allows us to go everywhere, to discover the domain and the forest easily and to learn more about the history of France at the same time. The walk becomes a guided tour of the resort and famous hunting grounds of the French kings and emperors. Your guide will make you appreciate the history from a different angle.

The originality of equestrian cultural tourism is to successfully combine the practice of a sport, horseback riding, with a cultural authentic discovery. The horse becomes a friendly and comfortable mean of transport, taking you on a journey back in time. You will feel like Louis XIV or Napoleon riding along the large bridle ways in the beautiful Saint-Germain forest or in the extraordinary Versailles castle park.


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